We constantly hear calls for more stocking to solve the problems we face on our rivers. Understanding the implications of stocking and the effects this has on wild populations may help to convince some of those who don’t accept that stocking can actually harm wild fish populations or bring about other problems that may have not been considered. Here are links to 2 excellent short videos produced by the Wild Trout Trust. Paul Gaskell explains in simple terms some of the main considerations that should be understood before any stocking takes place. Watch and enjoy. These concerns apply equally to salmon too.

I hope these are interesting and informative. Reports from angling clubs up and down the River Ayr where brown trout stocking is reducing, indicates that the quality and quantity of wild brown trout on the river is improving. If anyone needs any advice with their stocking policy, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Trust where we would be pleased to offer our assistance.