The Trust is looking to hold a balsam bash on the Dyrock in the next couple of weeks. Currently balsam on the Dyrock is at a low level with occasional larger stands present. With the help of a few volunteers we should be able to clear the burn of this plant. Doing so would remove the source of the balsam on the Dyrock and would be a major achievement.

Before: A small stand of Himalayan balsam


After: 10 minutes was all it took to remove this small stand. It could have been much more quickly with a few helping hands. If you can spare some time to help control this plant please get in touch with the Trust.

Himalayan balsam is an annual plant that reproduces from seed. As the seed pods ripen, they explode spreading the seeds for up to 7 meters. The major issue with balsam is that it out-competes and smothers native vegetation and can very quickly colonise large areas. During the winter being an annual the plant dies back, leaving bare soil/earth exposed to flood waters, which carry sediment into the watercourse and reduce habitat suitability for fish and invertebrates. Balsam will also colonise gardens and properties very quickly as well.

We are happy to do this at a time that suits the majority of people interested, an evening, weekend etc. Please let us know what is most suitable.

Contact the office on 01292 73730 or email