If you’re out and about on the river banks over the next couple of months keep an eye out for the Brachytera putata, Northern February red stonefly, a species only found in Scottish watercourses. Craig Macadam of Buglife Scotland is mapping the locations of these insects across Scotland and needs the help of the public.

The males have short stunted wings making them poor flyers and can be found migrating over shingle banks, where as the female is more capable of flight and has 3 dark bars across the wings.

With everyone carrying smartphones these days there’s no excuse for not taking a snap of what you suspect could be one of these rare stoneflies.

See the picture below for details of how to report a sighting to Craig at Buglife.

Here is a link to more information regarding the threats, habitat requirements etc. of the illusive Northern February red stonefly…

We have hard copies of the flyer available, if you would like a copy please get in touch, our contact details are available from the top of this page, just click the ‘contact us’ link..

If you see what you suspect to be a Northern February red stonefly follow the steps in the picture above to report your sighting.