I was relieved to see that the Kilmarnock Water level hadn’t risen much overnight despite heavy showers on the Fenwick Moor. The contractors were on site early and attempting to seal the leaks before pouring the final weir wall. Although there hadn’t been much rain, the levels were up about 4″ which caused a few leaks. After installing a few pumps and lowering a dumper into the river, work commenced and the final wall was poured.

Even getting the tools of the trade into the river isn't straight forwards

Pouring the concrete

Finishing off the last weir wall. At last the weirs are completed and only finishing touches remain.

The rain stayed off for the rest of the working day and the pumps were shut down around 5.00pm. The levels will undoubtedly rise overnight as rain is forecast but thankfully the concrete has set and should be fine. Borland’s men may remove the shuttering on Friday afternoon but only if the water levels allow. The final finishing work requires low flows so now we have to hope for some really dry weather.