If the rain holds off and water levels drop, we should be able to start electrofishing next week. Anyone interested in coming along to see what we do and hopefully learn a bit about the river will be made welcome. Of course we will expect a bit of help carrying equipment or netting fish but I’m sure that won’t put anyone off. We normally head off from the office by 9.00am and try and fill the day with as many sites as possible. This year we will have two teams out similtaneously. The plan is Gillian will lead one team and I’ll take the other. Hopefully we will be able to make the most of dry days and good water levels this way. The last couple of years were difficult to complete all the sites due to rain so this should speed things up as long as the weather improves. The only issue we still need to resolve is which team will get to fish with the new lightweight kit. Hmmm, who’s back is worst at the moment?

I know this isn't all electrofishing but it has been a while since we had a dedicated fish post on the blog due to our other commitments.

We have quite a bit of monitoring to do so hopefully we will be able to accommodate anyone who wants to fish particular rivers. Helpers should get in touch in advance to book a place and then remember to bring midgie repellent, lunch etc.

We will try and update our results regularly on the blog in condensed format. Full reports will be available on each river later in the season.