Last night, Cumnock Hatchery at Borland Reservoir was targeted by thieves and they lost 15 x  3lb +    broodstock Brown Trout. Obviously someone knew exactly what they were after and I assume they were stolen to order. Presumably they headed straight to a hotel’s back door as I can’t imagine anyone would steal just 15 trout to stock a fishery… or would they?

This isn’t the first time hatchery trout have been stolen from this area. For the last year two years, several thousand fingerling brownies destined for the River Ayr were stolen from another rearing pond a few miles away. That venture was folded after the operator decided it wasn’t worth continuing after twice being targeted by thieves.

The stolen trout aren’t fit for consumption as they had  been treated with chemicals over the weekend, to cure a fungal disease.

If anyone hears of large brownies being offered, or sees brown trout on a menu, call Bill Menzies from Cumnock Club or the Police.