We had a late lunch at Stair Inn on Friday to say farewell to Alba, our Caltalan Intern. Alba came to the Trust through the Euraccio VI Lifelong learning EU programme in June. She has been a fantastic addition to the Trust helping us research Invasive Weed control and native plant recovery amongst many other things. I’m sure she enjoyed her time with us but I know she hated the Scottish weather. I kept telling her that this was the wettest summer I can remember but I’m not sure she was convinced.

From left: Meryl Norris, Natalia Perez, Katie Brabbs, Gordon Mccdermid, Alba Bonas Piella and Gilliam MacIntyre at Stair Inn

We will all miss Alba and wish her success with her new job in Barcelona. If it doesn’t work out, she is welcome to come back anytime.

To take over from where Alba’s work ended, we have Natalia Perez who joined the Trust last week, again from Catalonia.I hope Natalia enjoys herself as much as Alba seemed to. Natalia will be looking into the effects of nutrient inputs on spawning amongst other things.