As regular readers will be aware, I’ve been checking for spawning activity on several Ayrshire rivers this season. So far there has been little to report but thankfully at last the fish seem to be doing their thing. Whilst out and about taking conductivity and other readings on the Ayr yesterday we came across good numbers of spawning fish on a tributary in the upper catchment but only in a single burn. Of course, one tributary full of spawning fish isn’t the sort of result I’d normally consider celebrating but in light of the widespread declines that the Trust has been reporting on the Ayr in recent years, it is perhaps the only area of the upper catchment that is fully functional at the moment and it has to be preserved at all costs. Most of the production of the Ayr is thought to stem from this watercourse which is very worrying.

The research we are delivering at present should identify the problems that the rest of the catchment is facing allowing us to work towards restoration in the years to come (with the necessary co-operation and assistance of partners, anglers, industry and the District Salmon Fishery Board).

Here is a link to a video I’ve posted on YouTube of salmon spawning on a tributary.