Recently whilst on patrol on the lower stretches of the River Ayr, bailiffs discovered an angler in possession of a sea trout kelt and a report is being forwarded to the Scottish Police in relation to this incident.
Also, last friday evening, River Ayr bailiffs were alerted to suspicious behavior around the stepping stones near the A77 on the lower River Ayr at approx 2115hrs on Friday 19th april 2013. Bailiffs were mobilised to investigate. This turned out to be youths in the area and no unlawful activity in relation to fishery protection. Whilst on patrol they discovered a young male in a panicked state, he reported to the bailiffs that his friend had fallen into the river.  Bailiffs raised the alarm and began a search using their sophisticated night vision equipment normally used for observing the river during the hours of darkness to detect instances of poaching. The male was located prior to the arrival of police.  Bailiffs delivered first aid on the river bank until the person was taken to hospital.
ART are not connected directly with bailiffing in any way but we support their efforts to conserve our fish stocks. Good to hear that they quickly intervened on the Ayr to save a life. Keep up the good work.