Last year we reported on major erosion on the Girvan catchment at Kilkerran. You can view the blog post by clicking on the link.

To help combat this, we will hold a volunteer day on Saturday the 16th of April and we hope to welcome volunteers willing to lend a hand and hopefully learn new techniques that could be used elsewhere. Limited spilling that was installed at Kilkerran 2 years ago by syndicate members have brought some really beneficial results and we will continue what they started but using willow whips so that they root and further protect the banks from erosion in the years to come.

Anyone wishing to lend a hand should contact the office on 01292 737300 in the first instance.  This will allow us to have get an idea of the number of people we can expect on the day. No previous experience is required and anyone is welcome (bring waders and water proofs). We really need assistance for this so if you can, please give us your time.


The problems at Kilkerran are largely a result of historic straightening and the river is now is attempting to remainder away from it’s artificial channel. As it cuts into the high banks, tonnes of soil are lost and contribute to diffuse pollution in the catchment. The DSFB will also fund limited fencing to exclude livestock from the worst erosion scars in a bid to improve plant growth and bank stability.

Come along and help and learn something that may be useful elsewhere on the river.